China, Portrait of a country

csütörtök, 2008. május 1.

Kínamánia trend indul, ha valaki nem vette volna észre. Új kötet a Taschentől. [kelemen]

Don Hong-Oai

hétfő, 2008. január 7.

Dalminak ajánlva Don Hong-Oai (1929-2004) Don Hong-Oai studied with the famous 104-year-old master, Long Chin-San in Taiwan. Here he learned to work in a Chinese “pictorial” style, using several negatives to compose a picture and perfecting his landscape work. He was honored by Kodak, Ilford and at Fotokina in West Germany and is a member [...]

Made in China reloaded II

csütörtök, 2007. május 31.

orthoptical jewel Chinese Look is a critic to the current paranoia that leads us westerners to stare impotent to the imminent advent of a Chinese future. Chinese Look is a jewel in titanium that westerners can wear in order to assume the more obvious oriental somatic features, showing off fascinating almond-shaped eyes. Chinese Look is [...]